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Kahira manufactures about 200 different products
covers about 25 pharmaceutical groups

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Kahira Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Industries Company

Has speciflc area for Manufacturing cephalosporine vialsor capsules.

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Challenge of the new millennium

Historically, The Global Pharmaceutical Industry Has Shown Substantial Advances in The Last Five Decades. Many of These Developments, Which Became Apparent in The 196O's, Were Due to Active and Progressive Medical and Pharmaceutical Research Works and to The Use of Modern Technology in The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. All Led to Updated Designs of Pharmaceutical Plants, and Innovative Methodology of Production That Guaranteed The Efficacy and Safety of The Products.

Kahira Pharm. & Chem.. Ind. Co. Is One of the Citadels in The Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products. Kahira co.has only single goal: your health.

Historical facts : At 1962 , Was Some Laboratories, Namely ALPHA ,DOSH, BEDA, And C- PHARM., forming KAHIRA PHARM. CO.

At That Time:
The Total Sale Was 914,762 L.E.
The Total Production Was 1,OO0,O0O L.E.
Kahira Strives to Meet The Needs of Its Partners in Health Care Through Three Critical Dimensions: Qualm Reliability and Credibility.

The Quality Assurance and GMP Requirements Are The Fundamental Rules and Strategic Points in The Steps of Manufacturing. Leading to launch of a unique product in the market ( proximal ) that helps in extrusion of urinary calculi. (available in different pharmaceutical formulations ) as well as the quality system of the co. met with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001& Achievement Of ISO environmental 14000 also the company Constructed an outstanding highly advanced sterile area to fulfill market demands.

Export Achievement:

KAHIRA exports around 98 pharmaceutical products to:

- ARAB MARKETS Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Arab Emirate) Sudan - Iraq - Yemen - Jordan -Libya & Syria.

- MOST AFRICAN MARKETS . (Ethiopia, Ghana, Namibia, Corte de voire, Somalia, Uganda, Congo, Mauritania, Zambia, Eritrea, Kenya, Senegal, Djibouti, Tchade, Mozambique & Nigeria) .

- SOME ASIAN & EUROPIUM Markets (Kazakhstan, Romania, Ukraine & Russia).

The results of this activities are shown in market data of 2007/2008

The total sale 248.00 L.E.
The total production 266.00 L.E.
The export 36.03 L.E.